Strike AK Windscreen/Dashboard Mount


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This is the same mount that comes with the ‘DIY’ package version of Strike Alpha cradles.  Use this mount with Strike Alpha cradles built after mid-2020.

The AK Windscreen Mount is a vibration-free windscreen mounting system, it rotates 360°, adjusts to the drivers preferences and has AMPS hole pattern that fits perfectly with Strike’s new range of universal and phone specific cradles.

This windscreen mount is suitable for Strike Alpha phone-specific and universal cradles from mid-2020 onwards.  If you are not sure, please check with us first.


WARNING:  Although generally sturdy and reliable, suction mounts may lose their adhesion to the windscreen or other mounting surface if the vehicle’s inside temperature exceeds 50 deg C (outside temperature > 30 deg C), or if the surface being adhered to is dirty or uneven, or if the road conditions are unduly rough or corrugated; thus they may occasionally dislodge or fall off due to suddenly or eventually losing suction.  Thus for maximum long-term stability and security in all conditions we always recommend instead using a fixed mount.


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