Strike Alpha iPhone 14 Plus wireless charging holder for Otterbox Fre case


Choose either the Installer package (fixed swivel mount and hardwired power) or DIY package (windscreen/dash suction mount and dual cig lighter/USB power).

The Strike Alpha Wireless Charging Car Holder for the Apple iPhone 14 Plus is intelligently designed to hold, charge, protect and allow enhancement of the signal of your iPhone. This version is designed to be used while your Otterbox Fre case (not included) stays on the iPhone.

  • Legal “commercial holder” as required by all Australian states and territories.
  • Can be used in conjunction with any Bluetooth car kit or inbuilt Bluetooth in your vehicle.
  • Wireless charging functionality means no more worries about battery drain, even after long drives. Use your Google Maps or Apple Maps while you drive, see your progress at a glance, and don’t worry about your phone’s battery running out!
  • Multiple mounting options.
  • Internal passive antenna coupler is specifically tuned for Australian networks including all 3G and 4G networks. Comes with FME male connector for external antenna connection. More information about this functionality is here.
  • This holder is made on customer order specifically for an iPhone 14 Plus that has an Otterbox Fre case on it. The holder does not fit the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro Max – there are separate holders for those models.  Please make sure you order correctly.  Note that the Otterbox case itself does not come with this holder.

When the best in mobile coverage is required, choose a Strike Alpha Holder (aka cradle). This Australian made holder has been engineered to withstand Australian conditions.

Its unique design allows the phone to sit flush against the passive antenna coupler that is built into the cradle, providing superior signal enhancing performance when connected to a suitable antenna.  Note that it in most areas it does not actually require an antenna to be connected, however this facility can be useful for low-signal and remote areas.

The holder accepts 12/24 volt input, with voltage spike protection. Every Strike Alpha Holder comes with a 3 year unlimited km warranty.

NOTE the picture above does not properly show proportions: the sides of the holder actually are 74mm high from the base of the phone so they extend to about halfway up the 160.8mm height of the iPhone. The back of the holder, which also incorporates the antenna coupler, extends 122mm up from the base of the phone.

There are two package options when ordering this holder: the Installer package includes a Swivel Mount and hardwired charger (so is most suitable for professional installation); the DIY package includes a Windscreen/Dash Suction Mount and dual cigarette lighter charger.

IMPORTANT:  Although generally sturdy and reliable, suction mounts may lose their adhesion to the windscreen or other mounting surface if the vehicle’s inside temperature exceeds 50 deg C (outside temperature > 30 deg C), or if the surface being adhered to is dirty or uneven, or if the road conditions are unduly rough or corrugated; as a result they may occasionally dislodge or fall off due to suddenly or eventually losing suction.  Thus for maximum long-term stability and security in all conditions we usually recommend ordering the ‘Installer’ version of this holder, because it  includes a fixed rotating swivel mount instead of a windscreen suction mount.  It is also possible to order the swivel mount separately.

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