Strike hardwire charging unit with USB



This is the charging unit that comes with all “Installer” versions of Strike Alpha cradles. Use this if you want to avoid the power supply often provided via a plug into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket.

The Strike DC Charging Cable with USB Female connector has a quick-charge feature for a superior charging experience. Your devices will be charged at a much faster rate. This car charging cable should be hard-wired to your car’s electronics, you no longer need to occupy your cigarette lighter power port. It has a built-in over-voltage protection and reverse polarity detection. It also has no interference with AM/FM radio. This DC Charging Cable can be used in all type of vehicles such as cars, boats, trucks etc. 

Input voltage: DC 12-24V
Output voltage: DC 5V
Max Output Current: 3A
Conversion efficiency: Max 95%
Power Cable length: 90cm input, 20cm output, USB female connector on output; D+ and D- active in the USB

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