Special order items

Some items on our website are marked as “special order” items, or occasionally we will confirm an order with you as being “firm order only” status, and the following applies to both categories.

This is usually because the items are not in stock or they are hard-to-get, low-volume, superseded, end-of-life, specialty or obsolete, but we are still able to procure it from the manufacturer, distributor or other sources either in Australia or in the country of manufacture.  It also may be because the manufacturer will be making the item especially for the order.

Wireless World is a small family-operated business so unfortunately we cannot afford to absorb the costs of a special order item if the order is cancelled or if the item is returned.

Special order items cannot be cancelled beyond a full business day after you place and pay for your order.  We wait until the second business day after receiving your order before committing resources to procuring the item for your order – once we commit to procuring it, no cancellation is possible.

Special order items also cannot be returned for refund, credit or replacement if:

  • they are ordered by you mistakenly (eg compatible with different device, or you thought it was something different); or
  • your requirement changes after ordering; or
  • you change your mind after receiving the item.

When you order a special order item, you accept that we estimate the shipping wait but that this may change significantly sometimes, and if so we will advise you.

Sometimes a special order item will become completely unavailable from any source, in which case we will immediately contact you and refund your order in full.

Normal warranty provisions still apply for special order items.

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