Will I get a tax invoice ?

Yes.  A printed receipted tax invoice will accompany your delivery if we send it directly, and an electronic tax invoice is also provided with every order. Australian GST is included in all prices.  You can also request an emailed copy (pdf) at any time.

I am ordering from outside Australia. Will I be charged Australian taxes ?

No.  The receipted invoice that accompanies your delivery to a location outside Australia will show that no Australian tax (GST/VAT) has been charged.

You say you are Australian owned and operated.  Where will my ordered items be sent from?

They will be sent from Melbourne, or from another Australian town or city if we arrange delivery direct from the manufacturer/supplier to you.  Nothing is sent from Hong Kong, China or anywhere else overseas.

There’s no answer when I call the listed phone number 03 8060 1682.  Are you still there?

Yes we’re still here, but being a small family-run business we are often away from the phones altogether, or we are busy taking other calls.  Please try again later if there’s no answer.  Or, because we are now an online-only business, there are other ways to contact us.

I bought a Carcomm or Strike cradle from somebody else, and now the place I bought it from can’t or won’t provide advice to me about it.  You seem to be the experts – can you help?

Yes probably, but seeing that they made their sale and we didn’t (and they probably charged more than us anyway), we might want something in return – maybe your next order, or an advice fee, could be chocolate…  And to be very direct, if you bought it off an online auction site you have taken the risk of getting no support, so we can’t really help with that.

I don’t seem to be getting any more signal strength bars on my phone when using my Strike or Carcomm cradle together with an external antenna. Why is this?

As you might guess, a mobile phone cradle and antenna will not boost a signal that is not there – a phone must be within transmission and reception range of a tower to successfully carry on a call. And if there is any signal at all, there are many factors that affect how well (or not) a phone/cradle/antenna combination will work. These include: distance, direction and transmission power of the nearest mobile phone tower; how good and how suited to the terrain your antenna is; whether your antenna is tuned to the frequency band in use in that area; environmental factors (geography, weather, obstacles); network congestion; and how effective your own phone’s internal antenna is (some are much better than others).  Additionally, the signal strength bars may not always show change, particularly if some bars were already showing, even though quality of the signal is in fact improved. Much more information is contained in this comprehensive report prepared by Strike (pdf, 1Mb).

I have a cover on my phone.  Will it still fit into or work with a cradle?

Best stability, power plug mating and external antenna connectivity is obtained when the phone is used in the cradle without a case or cover on it.  Thus Carcomm cradles are designed to fit and work only with phones that do not have a case or cover.  However there are some Strike cradles that are specifically designed to fit a phone with a cover on it – check under your phone’s listing on this website to see if one is available for it.  Or you could use this which will accommodate most smartphones with or without covers on them:  Strike Alpha Universal Smartphone Cradle with Antenna Coupler

A little while ago I bought a cradle from you to suit my mobile phone, but now I have a new phone because my work has changed. Can I send that cradle back and change it for one to suit my new phone?  It’s never been opened / is completely as new.

Users often change their phones or unexpectedy encounter changed circumstances which results in a different model of phone.  Please understand that Wireless World is not responsible for this ! If the device that you have changes, we cannot be expected to take back your existing cradle, holder etc (whether used or unused) and replace it with another to suit your new device; it is unfortunately both financially and logistically unviable.  We suggest offering it (or sellling it!) to a family member, friend or work colleague if you can.

I want to get better voice or broadband signal in my boat, caravan, mobile home, holiday home or remote office.  How do I do this?

For broadband dongles, we supply a range of suitable antenna and/or patch leads to connect them.  For smartphones (voice and/or data) you can use one of our Strike cradles with integrated antenna coupler, together with a suitable outside antenna. We can advise you on the most suitable combination for your needs. Note that these cradles only need to be connected to power if you want to keep your phone charged while it is in the cradle; however the antenna coupling capability does not require power to be connected.

Do your smartphone cradles boost the signal? 

Cradles supplied by Wireless World are not boosters or repeaters, but they do connect to an external antenna to maximise the best possible signal available.  Mobile phone boosters are illegal in Australia – more information here.

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