Antenna 4G Magnetic Mount 7db gain


This high performance magnetic-mount antenna has a thick rubber coating on the magnetic base for a secure hold on flat surfaces as well as to protect the vehicle’s paintwork from scratching (when used on vehicles). Includes 3m antenna cable with standard FME female plug. This antenna will connect directly to any of the Strike Alpha cradles with antenna coupler that we supply.

Suits all wireless broadband modems and mobile phones that use the 4G LTE mobile networks. If using with a broadband modem, you will also need a patch lead.

This antenna can be used on a vehicle roof for occasional use by running the cable through an open window whenever the antenna is needed, or it can be centrally mounted on the vehicle roof via a hole drilled through roof into the vehicle for the cable.

It can also be used indoors or outdoors on a building, site office, donga etc – works best if it is on a metal surface (not only to make the magnetic mount work but also because the metal surface enhances performance of the antenna) but is not restricted to that.

These antennas are generally preferred for use in metropolitan¬†and regional city areas, or for hilly/mountainous areas. They are less recommended for rural and outback use where long distances are likely between mobile transmission towers – in these areas bullbar-mount or building-mount ‘broomstick’ antennas work better.

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