Bury S9 Base Plate


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This is the base plate unit for the Bury System 9 cradle system for smartphones. It is required for use with a Bury System 9 cradle – you need both this base plate and a Bury System 9 cradle..

The System 9 cradle solution comprises of two elements:- a Base Plate that sits on the dash and a phone specific or universal  cradle that slots into the base plate. As well as holding the handset securely it allows charging and an antenna connection – then it needs to be used in conjunction with a Bluetooth kit or Bluetooth handsfree to offer the full handsfree experience.

Each cradle is sold separately meaning that when you upgrade your handset all you need do is purchase a new cradle (although if you have a Bury 3XL Universal cradle you don’t need to). This also allows multiple users of a vehicle with different handsets to have a specific cradle for their handset.

External antenna – When using the Base Plate together with an external antenna you will achieve the best possible signal given your proximity to the cellular antenna tower and signal strength of your external antenna.

Charge your phone – Thanks to the integrated charging function, the Active Cradle provides unlimited talk time in the vehicle.

Commercially designed holder – The System 9 conforms to national and state road laws requiring a commercially designed holder for your phone.

Easy exchange – Thanks to the Bury patented snap-in mounting you can dock your mobile phone specific Active Cradle into the Base Plate in no time at all.

Easy Install – The placement of the Base Plate becomes even more flexible when used in combination with the mounting device Ball Joint Holder (optional) which allows the unit to be swivelled rather than just being fixed, or the Bury Window Suction Mount (optional). Note that the Base Plate as it is supplied requires hard-wire connection into your vehicle’s electrical system, so is best done by a qualified installer.  If you are looking for a self-install or moveable version, instead of ordering the Base Plate by itself you could order the Bury Take-N-Drive System 9 bundle that includes the Base Plate, the Window Suction Mount and a Bury cigarette lighter socket power connection.

Connect to Bury or other Bluetooth systems – The System 9 Active Cradle is designed to be combined with all Bluetooth hands-free car kits of any manufacturer, or with the built-in Bluetooth in many new vehicles.

Dimensions – 110 (H) x 50 (W) x 25 (D) mm

The two major components of System 9 – The Active Cradle and Base Plate can be connected in a few seconds thanks to the patented snap-in mounting.


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