Bury S9 Universal 3XL complete car cradle kit


This is the Bury S9 Universal 3XL Active cradle for smartphones together with the Bury S9 Base Plate, in one bundle from Wireless World.  If or when you change your phone, keep the base plate and just change the cradle (cradles can be purchased separately), although as this bundle includes a universal cradle you may not even need to do that.

Smartphones that fit can be anywhere between 128mm to 165mm (length) and 56mm to 90mm (width).  The bundle comes  with a microUSB charging cable that suits some smartphones, although you will probably also need an adapter *.

It is a complete solution to hold and charge your smartphone and also allow connection of an external antenna if required.  The smartphone slots into the cradle and then you just plug in the charging cable from the base plate.

The System 9 cradle solution comprises of two elements:- a Base Plate that mounts on the dash or console, and an Active Cradle that slots into the base plate. As well as holding the handset securely, this combination allows charging and an antenna connection if required (both power and antenna connection are handled via the base plate).

For a full handsfree experience, this Bury S9 Complete Universal 3XL Cradle Kit can be used in conjunction with the built-in Bluetooth in your vehicle.

Using a professional installer is recommended for this cradle kit.

The cradle can also be purchased separately, meaning that when you upgrade your handset all you may need to do is purchase a new cradle. This also allows multiple users of a vehicle with different handsets to have the specific cradle for their handset, although in most cases the 3XL cradle in this kit will still be OK.

Order from this page to get the best bundle price, but if you would like more information check out the separate product pages for:

Bury S9 Base Plate


Bury S9 Universal 3XL Smartphone Cradle

 * iPhones up to iPhone 14 require additional Bury iPhone Lightning adapter.  

* Samsung Galaxy and iPhone from iPhone 15 onwards require additional USB Type-C to microUSB adapter.

Download compatibility list for the Bury 3XL cradle here.


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