RFI COL8195 5G Elevated Feed Multiband Antenna 6.5dB for building/marine mount


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Specifically designed for fixed and marine installations – has a stainless steel mounting tube and clips, instead of a spring base. This antenna offers very high performance levels for 4G/LTE and 5G networks. With a 200mm (x 19mm) stainless steel mounting tube, the COL8100 Series is designed to be mounted to a vertical support structure using the two supplied stainless steel hose clamps, which have an adjustment of 27-51mm.

– Patented PCB based collinear design offering the ultimate in pattern and gain stability
– Ideal for 4G AND 5G networks with true multi-band coverage
– High gain across 4Gx/4G+/5G band suiting fringe and rural applications

With high gain and consistent performance across 698-960, 3400-3800, 1710-2170 & 2300-2700 frequency ranges, this antenna is ideal for use in fringe areas, low signal areas and rural applications in most parts of Australia.

The secret to its strong performance lies in the use of two unique PCB radiators. These meander circuits are coupled together to deliver extraordinary consistency in gain and pattern. This latest design offers coverage across multiple networks – ideal for the latest requirements where network operators can switch calls between bands.

Specifications: Black radome, length 965mm.  Note that the picture shows the antenna with the mounting tube as its base, which needs to be attached to a mast or other suitable fixing point- the mast itself (in the second picture) is not included in this package. The antenna itself is identical to the CDQ8195, except that the bottom of the antenna has a mounting tube extension instead of the spring base on the CDQ8195.  Two mounting clamps are included in the package.

Included 10m low-loss cable terminated in SMA connector; clips and ties for attaching the antenna to a mast or bracket. This antenna is designed to be mounted vertically on a support structure using the two supplied stainless steel hose clamps, which have an adjustment of 27-51mm and should only be fitted over the mounting tube section. Typical support structures would be a fascia mounted hockey stick shaped pole or any other vertical pipe/pole. When choosing a mounting location, try to ensure that the whole antenna (in particular, the fibreglass whip section itself) is as high as possible and as far away as practical from metallic obstructions (such as roof racks, vehicle pillars, air conditioning units). This will minimise reflection or shadowing of the signal.

This antenna has been factory terminated with an SMA male connector to simplify installation and comes complete with
RG58 cable. In most cases no further cable termination is required. But it does require a Pulse FME (F) to SMA (F) adaptor to connect to the Strike Alpha Smartphone Holders with Antenna Coupler or any of the Bury and Carcomm cradles that have antenna couplers.

This antenna requires a SMA Female to TS9 Male plug adaptor to connect to many mobile broadband devices – check with us if you are not sure.

NB Specifically designed for fixed and marine installations.  Use the CDQ8195 for vehicle installations.


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